Class results 2016

Class of 1960

Dear Walter,

As always, the Class of 1960 led the way in its support of the College through the Dartmouth College Fund this year, breaking or tying four records. In fact, when both participation and dollars raised are considered, it’s easy to make the case that we out-performed every non-reunion class out there.


Many thanks to all 427 classmates who contributed to the Fund this year. Our participation rate of 75.0% easily broke the 56-year-out record, tied our own Class record, ranked us fourth among all classes and was nearly twice the overall DCF giving rate of 42.1%. This is our seventh year in a row in which we’ve achieved 70%+ participation!


We raised $606,620, smashing the 56-year-out record held by the Class of ’52 and our own non-reunion year record. This was our 11th straight year for breaking the year-out dollar record! We had 58 classmates (10.1%) who joined the 1769 Society with a gift of $2,500 or more, second highest among all non-reunion classes and higher than 10 of 12 reunion classes.

Again, we extend our sincere thanks to each of you who made this outstanding performance possible, with a special note of appreciation for our 57 Class Agents without whom this level of success would not have been achieved.

Year in and year out, the Class of 1960 remains in a class by itself!

Ken Johansen, Phil Kron, and Jim Adler
Co-Head Agents