Class of 1960 DCF Results - 2013

Once again, the Class of 1960 helped set the curve for Dartmouth College Fund support in 2013. Overall, we out-performed every other non-reunion year Dartmouth class on the planet!



Our thanks to the 461 classmates who contributed to the Fund this year. That's six more contributors than last year and 16 more than two years ago. We nailed our participation goal, hitting 75.2% - almost double the overall rate of 44.5% for all alumni and second among all non-reunion classes after 1954, who achieved 78.6% (but only raised slightly over half the money we did).  We can take great pride that our participation rate has been going up year after year (69.9% in 2011, 72.7% in 2012 and 75.2% in 2013) as more and more of us lend support to the College and our class. Of special note, we had 22 classmates who gave this year who hadn't given the year before!



We raised a hefty $564,513, smashing the 53 year-out record of $450,666 held by the Class of '53 and almost breaking our own non-reunion year class record of $565,592 set last year.  A special round of applause for the 49 classmates who became members of the 1769 Society with a gift of $2,500 or more.

Again, our sincere thanks to each of you who made this outstanding performance possible, with a special note of appreciation for our 57 Class Agents without whom this level of success would not have been achieved.

As always, the Class of 1960 remains in a class by itself!

Ken Johansen, Phil Kron and Jim Adler

Co-Head Agents