Tom Wahman February 26, 2016

Comments from several classmate (until we have a real obituary):


I'm writing to let you know that Tom passed away yesterday afternoon at St. Luke's Hospital in NYC. He had been suffering from a progressive dementia for some time, but was released from the bondage of his scrambled brain by a severe case of pneumonia. Please let everyone know. He loved Dartmouth and his class of '60.

Best regards,

Susan Tabor Wahman


Thank you for sharing this very sad news about Tom.   He was one incredible person who meant a lot to many of us.  We did recognize how far he was sliding when we saw him this past June in Hanover.  We have now lost two of our very best Minnesota hockey players…AND wonderful people——in the past 15 months.  These Minnesota guys brought a lot to our class.  Be sure to include Russ Ingersol in gathering reflections on Tom Wahman. Tom was an intense, serious, thoughtful, caring, and extremely competitive person who we will miss dearly.

What a major bummer on this Saturday night of a most disgusting  and depressing presidential primary.

Bill Gundy

Bill - I echo everything you said.  His caring was shown in his lifetime work for non-profits and his love for Dartmouth and his Beta Brothers was demonstrated in his arranging, along with Tom McBurney, for 35 years our annual weekend get togethers in New York.  He will be missed by us all.

Dick Chase

It was thoughtful of him to give some of us the opportunity to say goodbye to him a day or so prior to our 55th Reunion. A most memorable person who was a giant in hockey and his career.

Dudley Smith

Agree with all the sentiments expressed. Tom was an uncommon man, a fantastic teammate and a lifelong friend. We were lucky to have the opportunity and the honor to have known him.

Mike Hollern

From Alumni Office:

Wife: Susan Tabor Wahman

Daughters: Gwendolyn Wahman, Jessica T. Wahman

Address: 711 Amsterdam Avenue, Apt. 27L; New York, NY 10025-6917

Undergrad Activities: Beta Theta Pi, Dartmouth Christian Fellowship, Palaeopitus

Dartmouth Activities: Alumni Fund Volunteer, Class Agent(2006-2015)