Mid August 2010 Councilor News

Mid-August  2010

Gentlemen of the Class of ’60:

Here are a few mid-summer happenings at and about Dartmouth that you may have missed:

New Director of Athletics and Recreation: Harry Sheehy, a highly regarded administrator and former coach who, over the last decade as athletic director, led Williams College to 17 Division III national team championships, has been named Dartmouth's Director of Athletics and Recreation, effective September 7, 2010. Sheehy will oversee 34 Division I varsity sports at Dartmouth  (16 men's, 16 women's and two coed) as well as 34 club sports and an extensive intramural program. Three-fourths of Dartmouth undergraduates participate in organized sports. The athletics department also includes physical education courses, the Fitness and Lifestyle Improvement Program (FLIP), and recreational activities serving about 1,500 individuals a day. President Kim commented that he and Sheehy “share the belief that what students can learn from physical activity and sports goes hand-in-glove with what our faculty teach in the classroom. I know Harry's insights and expertise will benefit our varsity, club sport, and recreational athletes.” Kim further spoke of the “shared goals of taking Dartmouth athletics to new heights . . .” See a more detailed report here and here.

The Presidential Lecture Series, as a prelude for the possible reintroduction of a Great Issues-type course, was inaugurated this summer for the sophomore class around the theme “habits of the mind.” New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg gave the initial talk about independence, innovation, generosity and preparation. President Jim Yong Kim followed up with a lecture that further expanded the topic to include persistence, creativity, empathy, taking responsible risks, managing impulsivity and metacognition. Kim has stressed that every one of these habits can be learned but must be practiced every day. The lectures can be accessed at http://www.dartmouth.edu/~president/pls/.

A new “Good Reads” list, the current wide-ranging recommendations by ten faculty members, has been posted on http://alumni.dartmouth.edu/council/ResourcesforAlumni/GoodReads.

Parity on the Board of Trustees: The College, in late July, rejected a proposal from the plaintiffs (seven alumni) to drop their law suit if parity is restored on the Board of Trustee. Their suit already has been summarily rejected by the Superior Court and now awaits action by the [N.H.] Supreme Court.  The College’s attorney is confident that the Supreme Court will affirm the decision of the lower court. For more details click here.

Kristi Clemens was appointed Acting Director of Greek Letter Organizations and Societies earlier this month. Acting Dean of the College Sylvia Spears explained the position to work with students to improve the relationships between Greek organizations and the Town of Hanover, to advocate for physical plants for new sororities and to expand local alumni’s involvement in Dartmouth’s Greek houses. Clemens came to Dartmouth last summer from New York University. For more details click here.

Gifts to the College: Dartmouth received $153 million in philanthropic support in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010, an 11 percent increase over 2009 but below the record of $168 million received in 2008. The gifts enabled the undergraduate college, arts and sciences graduate programs, and the professional schools of business, engineering, and medicine to advance leading-edge teaching and scholarship and enhance student life.

Commitments made through the Dartmouth College Fund, which specifically help finance the undergraduate student experience, totaled $43.2 million (up 13 percent). The nearly 48 percent of undergraduate alumni who made donations represents a slight increase over the  past two years. The Fund supports faculty, out-of-classroom opportunities such as athletics and student programs, facilities that promote an ideal learning and living environment, financial aid, and opportunities for students to pursue individual research projects with faculty.

Have a great rest of the summer.