Input for May 17-19 Alumni Council Meeting

Fellow 60's:

The 204th session of the Dartmouth Alumni Council (DAC) is scheduled for May 17-19, and I invite topics you would like me to bring up during the weekend. For example, recent news items related to the college have been the nomination of President Kim to the World Bank and the hazing scandal involving the SAE house. Also, I am still on the Enrollment and Admissions Committee and so would be particularly interested in issues related to that area. 

Included on the agenda are presentations by:

  • President Jim Kim
  • Dean of the Faculty Mike Mastandumo
  • Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Maria Laskaris '84
  • Chair of the Board of Trustees Steve Mandel '78

The Alumni Council consists of representatives from various alumni constituencies (classes, regions, affiliated groups, graduate alumni, etc…). We act as the liaison between the entire alumni body and the Board of Trustees, meeting twice a year to discuss issues pertaining to the school. I will be reporting back to you with what I learn during the session.

One final item of interest is the Global MBA contest that the Tuck School has entered. In January, Dartmouth hosted a 4-day design workshop for a $300 House project, proposed by Tuck Professor Vijay Govindarajan, as a way to develop low-cost housing for the world's poorest populations. Tuck students prepared a video of Dartmouth's trip to Haiti last year to work on the project. Please support the team by voting for them in the Global MBA contest at Voting continues through April 15, 2012.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Homecoming (October 26-28).


Dartmouth Alumni Council
Class of 1960

3 Copper Beech Road
Greenwich, CT 06830