December 2010 Alumni Relations News Communications Review

Over the course of the 2009-10 academic year a review of class communications processes and support from Alumni Relations for these processes was conducted. This review, led by Christen O'Connor '87, the then VP and now President of the Class Newsletter Editors Association, has resulted in the in the Class Communications Review document. A summary of this document was shared with some of you at COW 2010. We are now sharing it more widely via this e-mail.

Key points from the document:

  • An autumn 2009 survey of all class communicators revealed that most are satisfied with the level of training, support and recognition that they received from Alumni Relations. The suggestions for small changes were shared with the leadership of the various Associations and are in the works.
  • As of the 2010-11 academic year, classes are encouraged to appoint a Class Communications coordinator, possibly the vice president of the class.
  • Classes are encouraged to draft a strategic communications plan that integrates Dartmouth Alumni Magazine columns, newsletters, class emails, dues letters, mini-reunion mailings, website postings, Facebook and Linked In work etc. This plan should demonstrate why your class communicates the way that you do. For example, if your class has chosen to do one paper newsletter and rely on Facebook and e-mails – you should say this and say why. The same is true for a class who may not feel that social media like Facebook is for them.
  • It is hoped that this strategy – which will be a part of the annual Class Activity Report – will allow the Class Officers Executive Committee to view classes in a more holistic way when evaluating their annual progress.

I, on behalf of the Class Communications Review Committee, encourage you to read the entire document.

Class Communications Review Document

If you have questions, please be in touch.

Jennifer Evans Casey '66a
Acting Director, Class Activities