Dartmouth Hazing Update from Peter Crumbine

Fellow '60's: 

In my email to you of April 6, I referred to "the hazing scandal involving the SAE house." For further background on this issue and actions taken by the college, see the following email from Alumni Council president Danielle Dyer '81 '89Tu to all members of the Alumni Council: 

In light of recent media coverage about the hazing case at Dartmouth, I'd like to bring you up to date about the response and actions that the College is taking to address high-risk student behavior. 

Below is a link to a letter to the editor of Rolling Stone magazine written by Dean Johnson in response to their article "Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy." This is an excellent overview of the College's efforts to address high-risk behaviors among students. 


I also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of initiatives that have been launched by President Kim and his administration to keep students healthy and safe and to address hazing, high-risk drinking, and sexual assault:

  • The development of peer intervention programs for both high-risk drinking and sexual assault;
  • The launch of the 32-college and university National College Health Improvement Project (NCHIP) learning collaborative to tackle high-risk drinking;
  • The appointment of Director of Greek Letter Organizations and Societies Wes Schaub, who spent more than two decades strengthening the Greek system at Case Western and is now working closely with our student leaders to prevent hazing and increase organizational accountability;
  • The formation of COSSA, the Committee on Student Safety and Accountability, to provide leadership on creating community-wide forums;
  • The introduction of Jen Sayre '93, PhD, a nationally recognized expert and advisor on sexual violence prevention;
  • The establishment of a well-staffed office of health promotion;
  • The expansion of the College wellness program.
  • The College has posted public statements about these efforts athttp://www.dartmouth.edu/~opa/statements/student-safety-wellness.html