Are You Interested in Being Considered as Our Next Alumni Council Representative?

Update: 3/13/2014

Seven current and past class presidents voted on seven classmates who responded to a class wide call for those interested in representing the class on the Council. A direct email to each classmate where there was an email address (approx. 448 out of 600) was more effective than our Newsletter or Class Website. Bruce Clark of Danbury, CT got the most votes. He is our nominee. Thanks. Dudley



Peter Crumbine is our current Council Representative. His term expires June 30, 2014.

The Class must name a new Councilor by March 1, 2014. The Alumni Council Mission is “to sustain a fully informed, representative, and engaged exchange of information and sentiment between alumni and their college, and to enhance and inspire alumni involvement that furthers the mission of the College.”

The 125 member body meets in Oct./Nov and mid-May from Thursday to Saturday. Transportation to and from Hanover is a personal expense, with the College picking up lodging on Thursday and Friday nights and most meals.

The Alumni Councilors job description includes bringing ideas and concerns to the Council and the College, reporting back to the Class on the meetings and serving on at least one Council Committee (Academic Affairs, Athletics, Enrollment and Admissions, Honorary Degrees, Student Affairs, etc).

The Councilor also serves as an official representative at class functions and serves in a common effort to preserve the College’s strengths and build her future.

If you have an interest in representing the Class on this important body, please contact me at or 603-863-8856. The plan is to have six recent Class of 1960 Presidents select our representative , both from those expressing interest and from the class as a whole.