Alumni Council News August 2014 (Clarke)

Dear Members of the Class of 1960:

I am your new Alumni Council representative and will be participating in its October 23-25 and subsequent meetings over the next three years. My role includes the soliciting from you any feedback that you would like me to bring to those meetings.  My subsequent role is to work on the Student Affairs Committee which will include many topics including the College’s programs for managing and reducing drinking and sexual abuse. During that process I will be sending to you updates about that committee work as well as about other subjects which are discussed and acted upon.

For your reference, the major items on the upcoming agenda for the October meeting are:

•    Address by President Philip J. Hanlon '77

•    Update from the Board of Trustees

•    Student panel presentation on Living and Learning Communities

•    Presentations by Provost Carolyn Dever, Interim Dean of the College Inge-Lise Ameer, Dean of Graduate Studies F. Jon Kull ’88, and Interim Dean of the Tucker Foundation Theresa Ellis ‘97

•    Update on the work of the Presidential Steering Committee for Moving Dartmouth Forward from Professor Barbara Will, committee chair, and Association of Alumni president Susan Finegan ’85, committee member. The Presidential steering committee was convened in Spring 2014 to recommend actions to end high-risk and harmful behavior in three critical areas: sexual assault, high-risk drinking, and lack of inclusion. For more information, clickhere.

•    Career networking session with current students

Please do not hesitate to express your general and specific concerns about the college and its affairs to me. 


Bruce M. Clark