Alumni Council News August 2013 - Crumbine

Fellow 60's:

The 207th session of the Dartmouth Alumni Council (DAC) will be held in Hanover Oct 24-26, and I invite you to submit topics for that purpose. I am still on the Enrollment and Admissions Committee and so would encourage issues related to that area. I am also still interested in any comments you might have on the so-called administrative bloat (if any) at the school.

The Summer 2013 “Good Reads” website, featuring book recommendations and commentary from Dartmouth faculty members, has just been posted. The site is located at:

The Alumni Council consists of representatives from various alumni constituencies (classes, regions, affiliated groups, graduate alumni, etc.). We act as the liaison between the entire alumni body and the Board of Trustees, meeting twice a year to discuss issues pertaining to the school. I will be reporting back to you with what I learn during the session in October.