Alumni Council News April 2014 - Crumbine


Fellow 60's:

The 208th session of the Dartmouth Alumni Council (DAC) will be held in Hanover May 15-17, and you are invited to submit topics for that purpose.  I am still on the Enrollment and Admissions Committee and so would encourage issues related to that area.  I would also be interested to know if you feel there is an administrative “bloat” at the school.  I will be reporting on this session, both by email and during our class meeting at Homecoming (October 17-19).

Councilors are strictly limited to a three-year term, so this will be my last DAC meeting as your representative.  I have greatly enjoyed the job, which has given me the opportunity to interact with many of you.  Your new representative will be Bruce Clark, who is certain to do an outstanding job in this capacity.

The Alumni Council consists of representatives from various alumni constituencies (classes, regions, affiliated groups, graduate alumni, etc.). We act as the liaison between the entire alumni body and the Board of Trustees, meeting twice a year to discuss issues pertaining to the school. Any responses from classmates are shared with the Alumni Liaison Committee, which in turn communicates with both the Administration and the Board of Trustees.

Finally, President Hanlon and dean of the College Charlotte Johnson have asked for public commentary on Dartmouth's proposed new sexual assault disciplinary policy. You can find more information and access a link to the policy here. The College is eager to receive your feedback on these recommendations and invites you to submit your comments and suggestions to before April 14.



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