SEAD - Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth Program

The class has been a long term supporter of the SEAD program. For a compete explanation about the SEAD program click here

From Tony Roisman:

I know a number of you have expressed interest in supporting SEAD and for your convenience, here is the information on where to send any contribution:

Make a check out to "Tucker Foundation -- SEAD," and sent to Jay Davis at 6103 Raven House, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH, 03755.  Please note on your check that you are a ’60 so they know that, as with some many other College programs and efforts, the Class of ’60 continues to lead the way, and lead. 

For your convenience, and to share with others if you wish, I am attaching a brief description of SEAD prepared by Jay Davis , the program director.  Thank you for your interest in SEAD.  Please contact me or Jay Davis ( directly if you have any questions.