Class of 1960 Annual Meeting October 22, 2011

Class of 1960 Annual Meeting

October 22, 2011

104 Wilder Hall



 9:00 a.m.        REPORTS


                                    John Mitchell, Secretary

                                    Bill Moorman, Treasurer

                                    Denny Goodman, Newsletter Editor for Life

                                    Jim Adler, Norwich Inn lunch group  

                                    Dick Foley (for Hap Dunning), Left Coast lunches and field trips

                                    Phil Kron, Bequests; announcement of Lower DCF Endowment

                                    Axel Grabowsky, retiring Alumni Council Representative                   

                                    Peter Crumbine, incoming Alumni Council Representative

                                    Gene Kohn, 75th birthday bash planning

                                    Roger Hanlon, update on tonight’s dinner; tip policy

                                    Walt Daniels (written report)

                                    Bruce Hasenkamp, President


 9:50 a.m.        SEAD Update:  Bill Gould, SEAD Councilors and participants


10:05 a.m.       Scholar Athlete Program:  John Goyette


10:15 a.m.       From and about Class Scholars:  Bob Kenerson


10:45 a.m.       Dorm Art Project:  Jerry Auten, head of Studio Art Department


11:00 a.m.       New business:

                                    Dartmouth College Fund--2010 results and 2011 goals: Jim Adler                                      

                                    Election of Dudley Smith as vice president (no other nominations will be accepted)

                                    Possible $40-50,000 gift to the College:  Bill Moorman; a committee may be appointed to propose ideas


11:30 a.m.       Tailgate


  1:30 p.m.       Dartmouth vs. Columbia

                        Hiking with Roger and Ann Hanlon

                        Tours of Native American show, Hood Museum (courtesy of Jon Cohen)