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Peter Crumbine

Alumni Council News October 2016 Clarke

Dear Fellow 1960's:

It's autumn again, and soon I will return to the College to attend the 213th meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council. I'm reaching out now because I want to know if you have questions or ideas about Dartmouth as it begins a new academic year. If you do, please send them my way.

The meeting will include:

Alumni Council News May 2016 Clarke

Dear 1960 Classmates:

Here is my Report from the 212th Meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council which I attended last month.

Representatives from classes that graduated as far back as six decades ago –the Council-were brought up-to-date on a range of issues, including developments in housing, admissions, diversity and inclusion.

Alumni Council News October 2015 Clarke

Report from the 211th Meeting of

The Dartmouth Alumni Council, October 22-24, 2015


The Dartmouth College Alumni Council convened on the Hanover Plain for two days in late October for its annual fall meetings.


All councilors are being asked to share with their constituents in their Council reports the following question.


Alumni Council News May 2015 Clarke

 My summary report from the 210th Meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council


May 14-16, 2015


Read the full minutes of the 210th Council Session but, if you do, please send me your questions and answers by return email.

Alumni Council News April 2015 Clarke

Dear Classmates:

I am looking forward to attending the 210th meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council which will be held May 14-16, 2015 in Hanover. As your representative on the Alumni Council, I want to solicit (any) topics you would like addressed during the weekend. I’m happy to answer any questions (or try to get them answered by the right people) or bring up new ideas for discussion.

For your reference, the major items on the upcoming agenda are:

Alumni Council News May 2014 - Crumbine

Fellow ‘60’s: The 208th meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council (DAC), my sixth and last as your representative, was held May 15-17 in Hanover. I have greatly enjoyed representing you during these past three years and look forward to being represented by my good friend, Bruce Clark. 

Here are my notes. More complete minutes, courtesy of the Office of Alumni Relations, can be found here.
Class of 2018 (The year they graduate, we will be 80!!!) 

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