Website Enhances Public Engagement With Orozco Mural

Our class was partially involved in the financing a website, Dartmouth Digital Orozco, that explores the wealth of material in conjunction with Orozco's finished mural.

Alumni Council News May 2014 - Crumbine

Fellow ‘60’s: The 208th meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council (DAC), my sixth and last as your representative, was held May 15-17 in Hanover. I have greatly enjoyed representing you during these past three years and look forward to being represented by my good friend, Bruce Clark. 

Here are my notes. More complete minutes, courtesy of the Office of Alumni Relations, can be found here.
Class of 2018 (The year they graduate, we will be 80!!!) 

55th Here we Come June 15-18, 2015

Save the Date: June 15-18, 2015 (some previous infomation had the date as June 8-11, 2015 so fix your calendar)

Dick Chase and Bill Gundy have agreed to co-chair this event. The upper valley group has been committed to help on any assignments they give us, as was the case for the 45th and 50th. Good men.

Dudley Smith

Ken Johansen ’60, ‘62Th receives the prestigious Dartmouth Alumni Award

Johansen Presentation

Are You Interested in Being Considered as Our Next Alumni Council Representative?

Update: 3/13/2014

Seven current and past class presidents voted on seven classmates who responded to a class wide call for those interested in representing the class on the Council. A direct email to each classmate where there was an email address (approx. 448 out of 600) was more effective than our Newsletter or Class Website. Bruce Clark of Danbury, CT got the most votes. He is our nominee. Thanks. Dudley



Peter Crumbine is our current Council Representative. His term expires June 30, 2014.

Alumni Council News November 2013 - Crumbine

Fellow ‘60’s: The 207th meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council (DAC), my fifth as your representative, was held October 24-26 in Hanover. Here are my notes.

The DAC was formed in 1913 by Ernest Martin Hopkins, and much was made during our session that this year is our 100th anniversary. For historical details, see:

Thursday, October 24

Alumni Council News August 2013 - Crumbine

Fellow 60's:

The 207th session of the Dartmouth Alumni Council (DAC) will be held in Hanover Oct 24-26, and I invite you to submit topics for that purpose. I am still on the Enrollment and Admissions Committee and so would encourage issues related to that area. I am also still interested in any comments you might have on the so-called administrative bloat (if any) at the school.

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