William A. Green May 21, 2008

Last Address: P.O. Box 486; Davis, CA 95617-0486
Spouse: Cullen Green
Children: Anthony Green
Alumni Activities: none listed

Samuel W. Parke, Jr. March 24, 2016

Last Address: 314 Paradise Drive; Tiburon, CA 94920-2536
Spouse: Mandy Parke
Children: none
Alumni Activities: Club Officer-Regional Clubs, Treasurer(2016); Alumni Fund Volunteer, Participation Agent(2006-2008)

James S. Brannen March 16, 2016

Last Address: 4107 Saint Andrews Court; Saint Charles, IL 60174-8722
Spouse: Martha Brannen
Children: Craig Brannen, Peter Brannen, Sarah Brannen
Alumni Activities: Alumni Fund Volunteer, Participation Agent(2005-2007); Admissions Volunteers, Alumni Interviewer Admissions(1963-1986)

Tom Wahman February 26, 2016

Comments from several classmate (until we have a real obituary):


I'm writing to let you know that Tom passed away yesterday afternoon at St. Luke's Hospital in NYC. He had been suffering from a progressive dementia for some time, but was released from the bondage of his scrambled brain by a severe case of pneumonia. Please let everyone know. He loved Dartmouth and his class of '60.

Best regards,

Susan Tabor Wahman


Wm. Richard Evans Ph.D. November 28, 2015

Last Address: 186 Paramus Road Apt. 217, Paramus, NJ 07652-1310

Spouse: Robert E. Russel

Children: none

Alumni Activities: Admissions Volunteers, Alumni Interviewer Admissions(1991)

Richard W. Stanley November 11, 2015

Last Address: 9 Fenlea Circle, Saint Paul, MN 55110-1263

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  • Alumni Council News October 2015 Clarke

    Report from the 211th Meeting of

    The Dartmouth Alumni Council, October 22-24, 2015


    The Dartmouth College Alumni Council convened on the Hanover Plain for two days in late October for its annual fall meetings.


    All councilors are being asked to share with their constituents in their Council reports the following question.


    Bruce Hasenkamp November 8, 2015

    Fragmentary comments from emails:

    • Sorry to lose my roommate and valued friend. Don Landzettel

    • Probably a blessing, but sad nevertheless. I sent him an email after our 55th commending him on his courage in persevering to get back for our 55th. He definitely had the granite of New Hampshire in his muscles and his brains. Phil Kron

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