Harold Ralph Burdge Jr. September 3, 2016

Last Address: 312 Old Tote Road; Mountainside, NJ 07092-1841
Spouse: Sandra Garrard Burdge
Children: Scott A. Burdge/deceased, Suzanne M. Burdge
Alumni Activities: none
Undergrad Activities: Alpha Chi Alpha/Alpha Chi Rho, Spanish Club

Treasurer Report

Contact the treasurer, Gordon Starkey, for any questions.

Homecoming October 28 and Class Annual Meeting October 29, 2016

August,  2016

Men of 1960 and Special Others,

This will bring you up to speed on: 1) the plans for our Homecoming mini-reunion coming up in just two months, and 2) the final results of another outstanding Class of ’60 Dartmouth College Fund effort for 2015-2016.


The Homecoming mini-reunion highlight this year is the Harvard game. Harvard has been voted #1 by the Ivy League press (pre-season-poll) and was our only loss in last year‘s tie-for-the-championship season.  Dartmouth is seeded #3 this year. 

Alumni Council News May 2016 Clarke

Dear 1960 Classmates:

Here is my Report from the 212th Meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council which I attended last month.

Representatives from classes that graduated as far back as six decades ago –the Council-were brought up-to-date on a range of issues, including developments in housing, admissions, diversity and inclusion.

Ruth Kenerson June 26, 2016 (spouse of Bob Kenerson)

From Denny Goodman:
No classmate obituaries this time, and no doubt that’s a relief for all of you. But there is still sad news to report. Ruth Kenerson passed away June 26 after a four-and-a-half-year battle with cancer. She and Bob would have been married 50 years this year. Ruth, who was from Switzerland, was closely attached to the Class, present at most Class functions. She was a friend to so many of us, an honorary ’60 in so many ways.

From Dick Chase:
Thanks, Denny. Sorry to hear this although we all know it was not unexpected. Dick

From Bill Gundy:

Robert H. Mathog, M.D. October 10, 2014

Last Address: 5545 Oak Bluff Road; Rochester, MI 48306-2452
Spouse: Deena Jane Mathog
Children: Heather Mathog, Jason Mathog, Lauren Mathog, Tiby Mathog
Alumni Activities: none listed

David E. Hodson June 16, 2016

Last Address: 307 East 44th Street, Apt. 822; New York, NY 10017-4440
Spouse: no
Children: none listed
Alumni Activities: Class Officer, Executive Committee(1997-2016); Natl Research Dev Prog - Screener, Member(1989-1990); Alumni Fund Volunteer, Telethon Chair(1989-2002); Alumni Fund Volunteer, Class Agent(1988); Admissions Volunteers, Alumni Interviewer Admissions(1987-2015)

William A. Green May 21, 2008

Last Address: P.O. Box 486; Davis, CA 95617-0486
Spouse: Cullen Green
Children: Anthony Green
Alumni Activities: none listed

Samuel W. Parke, Jr. March 24, 2016

Last Address: 314 Paradise Drive; Tiburon, CA 94920-2536
Spouse: Mandy Parke
Children: none
Alumni Activities: Club Officer-Regional Clubs, Treasurer(2016); Alumni Fund Volunteer, Participation Agent(2006-2008)

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