Robert A. Farmer July 22, 2017

Last Address: 1800 Northeast 114th Street Apt. 1705; Miami, FL 33181-3412
Spouse: Thomas Winston
Children: Thieu Nguyen
Alumni Activities: Reunion Giving Committee, Co-Chair(2008-2010); Reunion Giving Committee, Chair(2001); Alumni Fund Volunteer, Participation Agent(2006-2007); Alumni Fund Volunteer, Class Agent(1991)
Undergrad Activities: Class President, Phi Tau/Phi Sigma Kappa

Michael H. Savage, Ph.D. May 12, 2017

Last Address:36 Talmadge Hill Road, Darien, CT 06820-2125
Spouse: Mary Beth Savage
Children: None
Alumni Activities: Admissions Volunteers, Alumni Interviewer Admissions(1991-2002); Club Officer-Regional Clubs, Liaison(2013-2017); Club Officer-Regional Clubs, Executive Committee(2012-2013); Club Officer-Regional Clubs, Member(2008-2013); Club Officer-Regional Clubs, Mem
Undergrad Activities: Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra, Glee Club

Richard D. Baldwin May 18, 2017

Last Address:90 Bullard Pasture Road, Wendell, MA 01379-9705
Spouse: Joy Brenneman Former: Phyllis Baldwin/Divorced
Children: None
Alumni Activities: None
Undergrad Activities: Heorot/Chi Phi

Stanley B. Jones December 23, 2016

Last Address:53 Windward Lane; Shepherdstown, WV 25443-4357
Spouse: Judith K. Jones
Children: Andrew B. Jones, Julia C. Jones, Lisa A. Jones, William J. Jones
Alumni Activities: Career Network Volunteer , Member(2017)
Undergrad Activities: Canoe Club

Bruce W. Eaken Jr. February 11, 2017

Last Address:316 West 79th Street; New York, NY 10024-6125
Spouse: Wilhelmina Eaken
Children: Amanda M. Eaken D99, B Webb Eaken
Alumni Activities: Alumni Fund Volunteer, Leadership Agent(2002-2008); Alumni Fund Volunteer, Class Agent(1986-1996); Alumni Fund Volunteer, Regional Agent(1996-2002); Admissions Volunteers, Alumni Interviewer Admissions(2002); Club Officers Assn Executive Committee, Execut
Undergrad Activities: Dartmouth Players, The Dartmouth

Frederick L. Yocum December 10, 2016

Last Address:11 Wakefield Drive Apt. 2104; Asheville, NC 28803-4158
Spouse: Barbara Jacqueline Yocum
Children: David C. Yocum D92, Stephanie Yocum
Alumni Activities: Admissions Volunteers, Alumni Interviewer Admissions(2015); Club Officer-Regional Clubs, President(1992-1995); Club Officer-Regional Clubs, Vice President(1991-1992)
Undergrad Activities: Gamma Delta Chi, Jack-O-Lantern, The Dartmouth

William Austin Veech August 31, 2016

William Austin Veech Obituary

Professor William Austin Veech from Rice University passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, August 30, 2016, at age 77 in Houston, Texas.

Alumni Council News October 2016 Clarke

Dear Fellow 1960's:

It's autumn again, and soon I will return to the College to attend the 213th meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council. I'm reaching out now because I want to know if you have questions or ideas about Dartmouth as it begins a new academic year. If you do, please send them my way.

The meeting will include:

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